Vict - Paring Knife Drop Point, Wavy Edge -Black 8cm


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πŸ”ͺ Elevate your kitchen precision with the Victorinox Paring Knife Drop Point, Wavy Edge in bold black (8cm)! 🍏πŸ”ͺ


🌟 Key Features:

🍏 Perfect for cutting and preparing fruits and vegetables

πŸ”ͺ Swiss-made paring knife with an ultrasharp wavy edge

🀲 Features an ergonomic handle for comfortable use

🌐 Ultimate multitasking go-to for precision in coring, de-seeding, peeling, and intricate slicing


πŸ”ͺ Drop Point Knife Benefits:

🌈 Versatility for various tasks

🀲 Broad, curved blade for good control and stability

🎯 Pointed tip for detailed and precise cutting


🍴 Suitable for:

🍏 Fruits: Slicing and peeling apples, pears, and melons

πŸ₯¦ Vegetables: Chopping, dicing, and slicing various textures

πŸ₯© Meats: General meat preparation, slicing, and trimming

🌿 Herbs: Precise chopping with the pointed tip


πŸ… Tomatoes: The serrated edge helps cut through the tough skin without crushing the flesh.

πŸ‹ Citrus Fruits (Oranges, Lemons): Serrated blade works well for sectioning citrus fruits.

πŸ₯– Bread: Useful for slicing through crusty bread without compressing it.

🍍 Pineapple: The wavy edge assists in cutting through the tough outer layer.

πŸ₯ Kiwi: Suitable for peeling and slicing kiwi with ease.

πŸŽ‚ Cakes: Ideal for cutting through delicate cakes without squashing them.

🌭 Sausages: The serrated edge helps in cutting through sausages cleanly.


πŸ“ Dimensions:

πŸ—‘οΈ Length of blade: 8 cm

βš–οΈ Weight: 21 g

πŸ“ Height: 11 mm

🌈 Collection: Swiss Classic


πŸ› οΈ Details:

πŸͺš Handle material: Polypropylene (PP)

πŸ”ͺ Type of edge: Wavy Edge

🧼 Dishwasher safe: Yes


Unleash culinary excellence with Victorinox – where quality meets innovation in every cut! πŸ”ͺ