Edge Master Two-Sided Diamond Stone

Edge Master Two-Sided Diamond Stone

Made from heavy duty industrial monocrystalline diamonds that are electroplated onto a steel base, this diamond stone is ideal to get your knives sharper and better.

Position the cutting edge over the diamond plate and maintain an angle of 10/30 degree between the blade and sharpening surface.


Use a back-and-forth motion to move the blade while maintaining an even pressure on the blade. Place oil or water as a lubricant on the sharpening surface to prevent from overheating.



  • Measures 20cm x 7.5cm x 4cm
  • Sharpening surface: 15cm x 6cm
  • Double sided diamond stone with 360 Grit for coarse sharpening and repair damaged/blunt knives and 600 Grit for fine honing
  • Made of durable and Heavy-Duty industrial monocrystalline diamonds electroplated onto a steel base of 0.89 cm thickness
  • Sharpen dry. No messy oil needed
  • Initial break-in
  •  Moulded base with storage and non-slip feet for safety
  •  Suitable for all household/sporting knives as well as tools
  • Avoid applying too much pressure. Let the Diamond do the work
  • Clean surface and wipe dry after use
  • Store dry