Hero Twin Wall Glass - Set of 2 - 250ml

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Introducing the Avanti® Hero Twin Wall Glass - Set of 2 (250ml): Your Perfect Beverage Companion!

Are you tired of your hot coffee turning lukewarm within minutes? Or your refreshing iced tea creating a pool of annoying condensation on your table? Avanti® understands your needs, and we have the perfect solution – our Hero Twin Wall Glasses.

🌡️ Keep It Hot or Cold, Longer: Our glasses are crafted from premium borosilicate glass, specially designed to maintain the temperature of your beverages for an extended period. No more rushing through your morning brew, and no more worrying about a warm soda. Savor every sip at your own pace.

❄️ Say Goodbye to Drippy Mess: With our twin wall design, you can enjoy your cold drinks without the hassle of condensation. No more unsightly rings on your table, and no more slippery, sweaty glasses. Your hands will thank you!

✨ Style Meets Practicality: Not only do these glasses provide unparalleled thermal efficiency, but they also look sleek and elegant. Elevate your drinkware collection with our Avanti® Hero Twin Wall Glasses. They are the perfect blend of style and substance.

✅ Easy Care, Easy Living: Worried about maintenance? Don't be. Our glasses are dishwasher and microwave safe for your convenience. Just pop them in, and they'll come out looking as good as new.

👐 Your Hero, Your Choice: Each set includes 2 glasses, each with a generous 250ml capacity. Whe