Savannah Pemium Stainless Steel Wire Potato Masher

Get ready to do the monster mash version 2.0!

There's no comfort food quite like mashed potato, so you'll want the right tools to get the best result.

With its extra thick steel folds, the Savannah Premium Wire Potato Masher will help you to achieve the creamiest mash with less effort.

The strong, wide head will accommodate the largest potatoes and other cooked vegetables such as pumpkin, zucchini, or tomato - indispensable when making soup, applesauce, refried beans, hummus, egg salad or guacamole.

The handle is ergonomically contoured, solid and weighted to fit securely and comfortably in hand for optimal balance and control, helping you to achieve excellent results with ease.

The handle is also hygienically sealed watertight, with a convenient hanging loop for accessible storage.

Constructed from non-reactive, high quality and durable stainless steel with an elegant polished finish, the Savannah Premium Wire Potato Masher is a fusion of form and function.

It is also dishwasher safe and comes with a 25 year warranty to keep you serving superior slices for years to come.

Savannah's Premium range uses high quality materials and smart, functional design that is comprehensive, reliable, and easy to use.

All Savannah utensils have been tested for functionality, durability and quality.

SIZE 27.5x11x15cm
MATERIAL COMPOSITION Made From Stainless Steel.