Splatter Screen with Fold Handle

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🌟 Introducing the OXO Splatter Screen with Fold Handle - your kitchen's new best mate for keeping grease splatters in check! 🍳✨

πŸ”’ Made of perforated stainless steel, this ingenious Splatter Screen ensures that messy grease stays where it belongs - off your countertops, stoves, and, most importantly, away from your delicious dishes. 🚫πŸ”₯

🍽️ Designed to fit pans up to 13 inches wide, with grooved rings to rest securely on pans of different sizes, it's the versatile solution to your splattering woes. πŸ”„

πŸ‘Œ The soft handle provides a non-slip grip and locks in the open position, giving you ultimate control. When you're done, simply fold it down for compact storage - a kitchen space-saver! 🏠🌈

🚿 Worried about cleanup? Fret not! Our OXO Splatter Screen is dishwasher safe, ensuring a hassle-free experience after your culinary adventures. πŸ§ΌπŸ’¦

🌈 Enjoy the benefits of a tidy kitchen, easy cleanup, and a splatter-free cooking experience with the OXO Splatter Screen. Your kitchen, your rules!🍲