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Step into the past and harness the power of atmospheric fluctuations to predict the weather with our historical Galileo Thermometer! Originally used by seafarers to forecast oncoming storms, this fascinating device is now a unique addition to your home décor. With a clear liquid, you can expect bright and clear weather, while a cloudy liquid indicates possible thunderstorms and rain. Keep an eye out for small dots in the liquid, which indicate humid or foggy weather, and large flaky crystals that signal cloudy skies and snow in winter. When you see threads of crystals at the top, expect windy weather, and if crystals form at the bottom, frost may be on its way. Our Galileo Thermometer measures 17.8 X 7.8 X 19.3cm and features a beautiful glass design with a beechwood base. To keep it looking its best, simply wipe it down with a cloth. Start predicting the weather like a seafarer with our Galileo Thermometer today!