Cloud Weather Station


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⛅ Embrace the charm of the past and unlock the mysteries of weather prediction with our Cloud Weather Station!

⚓ Originally used by seafarers to anticipate storms, this historical Galileo Thermometer is now a captivating addition to your home decor. 🌦️

With its clear liquid, you'll know to expect bright, sunny skies, while cloudy liquid hints at thunderstorms and rain on the horizon.

☔ Keep an eye out for small dots signaling humid or foggy weather, and large flaky crystals indicating snowy winter days.

❄️ When threads of crystals gather at the top, brace yourself for windy conditions, and if crystals form at the bottom, frost may be imminent. 🌬️

Measuring 17.8 X 7.8 X 19.3cm, our Galileo Thermometer boasts a beautiful glass design with a stylish beechwood base.

🌳 To maintain its pristine appearance, simply give it a quick wipe-down with a cloth. 🧼

 Start predicting the weather like a seasoned seafarer with our Cloud Weather Station today! 🌈