Egg / Crumpet Rings - Set of 2

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Elevate Your Breakfast Game with Avanti® Egg and Crumpet Rings Set of 2!

🍳 Shape Your Breakfast, Your Way! 🥞

Introducing the Avanti® Multi-purpose Egg and Crumpet Rings – your go-to kitchen companions for crafting perfectly shaped crumpets, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, Yorkshire puddings, and more. Breakfast just got a whole lot more exciting!

✨ Key Features: 🍽️ Versatile Cooking: Say goodbye to boring breakfasts! These rings are designed for shaping a variety of delicious treats, giving you the freedom to explore your culinary creativity.

🍳 Non-Stick Magic: Our rings feature a non-stick coating, ensuring that your culinary creations slide out effortlessly and cleanup is a breeze. No more stuck-on messes!

🧼 Easy to Clean: Tired of scrubbing? Avanti® has you covered. Simply hand wash the rings, and they're ready for your next breakfast adventure.

🔥 Works Anywhere: These rings are compatible with any pan, skillet, or griddle, making them the ultimate kitchen tool for crafting breakfast perfection.

🌟 Use & Care:

  1. Spray the ring with cooking oil, ensuring a hassle-free release.
  2. Place it on a seasoned hot fry pan or griddle.
  3. Pour raw egg or ¼ cup batter into the ring.
  4. For crumpets and pancakes, wait for large bubbles to surface and the top to set, then remove the ring, flip, and cook until done.
  5. For Yorkshire puddings, grease the rings and baking sheet, heat thoroughly before adding the mixture, and cook as usual.

🎯 Designed for Breakfast Enthusiasts 🎯

Avanti® understands the importance of a great breakfast. Elevate your morning routine with the Egg and Crumpet Rings Set of 2 and take breakfast into your own hands.

Here are some creative ideas for using egg and crumpet rings:

  1. Pancakes: Use the rings to make perfectly round and uniform pancakes. Pour the pancake batter into the ring and remove it when the pancake begins to set.

  2. Mini Frittatas: Create individual-sized frittatas by layering vegetables, cheese, and beaten eggs inside the ring. Bake or cook on the stovetop until set.

  3. Burgers: Shape burger patties with the rings for a consistent size and shape. This is especially handy for sliders or mini burgers.

  4. English Muffins: Bake homemade English muffins using the rings as molds. They'll come out with the classic nooks and crannies.

  5. Mold for Rice or Polenta: Pack rice or polenta into the rings for a neat presentation on the plate. Top with saucy dishes or grilled vegetables.

  6. Crab Cakes: Shape crab cakes with the rings for a restaurant-quality presentation. Simply remove the ring before cooking.

  7. Muffin Tin Eggs: Place the rings in a muffin tin and crack an egg inside each one. Bake for perfectly shaped baked eggs.

  8. Onion Rings: Use the rings to shape onion rings before battering and frying them. They'll all be uniform in size.

  9. Crispy Hash Browns: Pack shredded potatoes into the rings and cook until they form a crispy crust. Remove the ring and flip to brown the other side.

  10. Rice Cakes: Press cooked sushi rice into the rings and top with sushi-grade fish for homemade sushi.

  11. Mini Quiches: Make mini quiches by placing the rings on a baking sheet, adding your quiche ingredients, and baking until set.

  12. Pancake Art: Get creative with pancake art by using the rings as molds to create fun shapes and designs.

  13. Dessert Stacks: Create impressive dessert stacks by layering cake, mousse, and fruit inside the rings. Carefully lift the ring for a stunning presentation.

  14. Layered Salads: Assemble layered salads by packing ingredients like grains, vegetables, and proteins into the rings for a visually appealing dish.

  15. Homemade Tarts: Shape tart shells by pressing pastry dough into the rings and then adding your choice of fillings.

These versatile rings can help you achieve professional-looking results in both sweet and savory dishes. Experiment with different recipes to unlock their full potential in your kitchen.

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Join the Avanti® culinary revolution and upgrade your breakfast game. Rise and shine with perfection!