Whiskey Set- 4 Piece

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Introducing the Whiskey Set - a 4-piece collection that combines premium quality and effortless style, designed to be proudly displayed in your home. With its sleek silhouette and clean design, this set exudes sophistication and elegance, enhancing your whiskey-drinking experience.

The base of each piece is meticulously crafted from sustainably sourced wood, showcasing both the natural beauty of the material and your commitment to sustainability. This adds a touch of eco-consciousness to the overall design, aligning with your values.

Perfect for gifting, the Whiskey Set is an ideal present for whiskey enthusiasts. The hand-crafted nature of these items ensures that each piece is unique, featuring natural imperfections that add character and charm. This set includes 2 glasses, 1 decanter, and an Acacia Stand, providing all the essential elements for serving and enjoying your favorite whiskey.

The crystal glasses and Acacia Stand in the Whiskey Set are not only functional but also designed to be visually captivating. They are made to be displayed, making a statement in your home bar or entertaining area. This fusion of classic glassware with modern hand-crafted wood elevates the timeless range to a modern aesthetic.

Care for the glasses is easy, as they are dishwasher safe, allowing for convenient cleaning. The Acacia Stand can be wiped clean to maintain its pristine appearance. The Whiskey Set includes all the drinkware essentials you need to elevate your whiskey-drinking experience with style and sophistication.

Choose this set for its premium quality, effortless style, and sustainable design. With the Whiskey Set, you can impress your guests, enhance your own enjoyment, and proudly display a collection that reflects your refined taste. Elevate your whiskey-drinking experience with the Harvey range, where classic glassware meets contemporary hand-crafted wood.