Mini Firefighter 250ml CDU/12

Stops a small fire from becoming a major disaster -A cutting-edge foam capable of extinguishing wood, petrol, electrical and fat fires quickly -High cooling capacity which helps avoid reignition -Safe to store in in extreme cold and hot temperatures ranging as low as -40ºC to +70ºC -Swells up to 40 times it's capacity when in use -User friendly, no instructions needed -Compact enough to keep a can handy where ever you need it - in the kitchen, garage, workshop, and every type of vehicle * Easy to clean up after use. The foam dissolves leaving no residue; simply wipe clean -Non-Toxic, non-irritant and biodegradable. The pure ingredients are minerals, salts and special patented oils. -Each Mini Firefighter is date-stamped underneath and has a shelf-life of 4 years from this date -Manufactured in Spain. The can is made from a single piece of aluminium and is painted inside and out to prevent corrosion. It is pressure-tested to the highest standards and manufactured in ISO9001 facilities. -Always call you local emergency number first before attempting to douse the fire. Australia - 911. New Zealand - 111 -This is a Fire Extinguishing Spray Tool. It is not intended to replace an NFPA 10 - compliant fire extinguisher where required. -Tested to the requirements of UL 711A and up to 35,000 volts. DOT 2P & 2Q. -Care Instructions: *Do not expose to heat or store above 70°C -Packaging Type: CDU 12 -Colour: Red, white and black -Material: Can: Aluminium; one single piece Contents: BoldFoam F 40 Ingredients: Glycols <0.5%, mixture of anionicamphoteric and non-ionic tensioactives: <4%, organic salts: <40% -Capacity: 250ml